Weddings... What an incredibly intimate and love-filled time you two have ahead of you. Choosing your wedding photographer is no easy feat.  It is extremely important that you choose a photographer who fits well with your personality and values what you value in your wedding day. I hope that's what you find, even if that photographer isn't me!  

What you can expect from me as your wedding photographer: you will receive beautiful, simple, and timeless images of you and you and your loved ones. Some of these images will be completely candid, others will be intentionally posed with prompts that elicit your unique couple personality. 


the most wonderful day


And because of that, I’m here to document all the things that make you, you. We will go through multiple consultations to make sure that I have a good idea of what is important to you on your day, in order to capture those priceless and fleeting moments that pass by so quickly on a wedding day. 

I will be capturing all the main moments of the day like walking down the aisle, the first kiss, signing the marriage license and the toasts. But I’ll also be grabbing al those in between moments like putting on jewelry, hugs with mom as she arrives, the way your grandmother looks at you, and even that friend who’s tearing up as you do your first dance. 

I’m an immersive photographer, so I’ll be right in the crowd, taking photos during the ceremony, and you can bet your booty I’ll be in the middle of the dance floor for those party shots.

Every wedding and couple is unique. 

This is about 15 minutes of your time where we meet face to face and chat about your day. I review pricing, give recommendations, and talk about my process. It’s zero obligation and super fun!


did we just become best friends?


it's wedding day!




After the call, I’ll send over a contract and payment portal. At this point, you secure your date by paying the deposit we discussed. Payment plans are determined at the time of the call.

You’ll receive a gift from me along with the wedding guide to get started with planning. We will do another consultation call 1 week prior to your wedding to nail down timelines and plans.

This is the fun part! Let’s get you married. I will be there every step of the way. We’ve done all the planning and preparation, so today is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! 

Within a month, you’ll get a your custom gallery link to view and start downloading your images. You’ll also be on the lookout for a package from me with your USB and heirloom box with prints!


Keep your eye on my social media for your previews. You’ll also get them in your email. Expect anywhere from 20-40 images highlighting the best parts of your day!

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